Frequently Asked Questions

What is 360grassroots' current project?

"The Farmstead in Midlothian," which operates under 360grassroots, is our current project. Our goal with this and future projects is a devotion to the revitalization of small towns through the development of intergenerational and mixed-use communities.

To learn more about the Farmstead, visit the project website at

Is 360grassroots an approved non-profit organization?

Yes; 360grassroots was granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS in 2011.

The IRS maintains a publicly accessible list of non-profit organizations on their website, here.

What is 360grassroots' filing requirement with the IRS?

360grassroots, a public charity, is required to file an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ annually with the IRS. A list of all tax-exempt organizations that are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions can be found using the "Exempt Organizations Select Check" tool on the IRS website.

The "Deductibility Status" of 360grassroots (as determined by the IRS) can be viewed on the IRS website by clicking here.  

How do I request a copy of your IRS Form 990?

Copies of filed IRS Form 990s for tax-exempt oranizations are available to the public, upon request, by visiting the IRS website; these documents are also available for download on our GuideStar profile, located here.

How do I request a copy of 360grassroots' past returns filed with the IRS?

As stated on the IRS website: "Electronic copies (images) of certain returns filed with the IRS by charities and nonprofits are available for purchase from the IRS on DVD or paper."

Instructions on how to request copies of these documents are available on the IRS website (click here), or you can obtain the documents by contacting us directly.

How do I verify professional licensure associated with the 360grassroots team?

The verification of multiple types of professional licenses is readily available online, and for free. Please use the following links if you are interested in looking up "Steve" (aka Stephen Hawks) or "Bridgette" (aka Lila Bridgette Weeden) Hawks.