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The Farmstead in Midlothian will be a first-of-its-kind, 31-acre, mixed-use destination development where commercial businesses operate in harmony with non-profit organizations to bring folks together from near and far to enjoy shopping, dining, events, entertainment and the arts... more than 50 specialty shops, restaurants and community service organizations.

The Farmstead will offer visitors a unique blend of goods and services at its shops and restaurants, and a number of life enriching programs and learning experiences that promote healthy living and re-purposed lifestyles.

All housed in distinctively re-purposed or replicated farm houses, barns and buildings, The Farmstead shops and restaurants will be nestled among gardens, green spaces, and walkways, and centered around a Bed and Breakfast Wellness Spa, and an 11 acre wedding venue featuring re-purposed chapels, barns and gazebos.



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