Vision / Mission of 360grassroots

360grassroots is an organization devoted to the revitalization of small towns through the development of intergenerational and mixed-use communities.

Our Mission is to preserve and enhance the heritage and character of small towns by providing opportunities for community interaction, balanced & healthy living, and intergenerational educational programs.

We believe that revitalizing depressed communities will make them attractive to both families and retirees, creating a well-rounded place to live that includes all generations.

Wondering...Why Non-Profit?

If you're wondering why we started a non-profit organization to help meet our goals; please check this out!

In this video, Nat Ware (Founder and CEO of 180 Degrees Consulting), explains why we shouldn't call out hypocrites, and what to do instead, from his point of view as an entrepreneur, economist, and international development specialist.

"We should not target charitable messengers, and critiquing charitable messages should no longer be taboo. Nat challenges us all to "rebut the message not the messenger" because what matters more than doing an action is the impact of that action. According to Nat, small minds rebut people but great minds rebut arguments!" - TEDx Talks


Bridgette & Steve Hawks, Founders

Bridgette & Steve Hawks, Founders

360grassroots is a not-for-profit, Texas-based corporation founded by Steve & Bridgette Hawks. The vision of 360grassroots is to create a cultural mindset that practices and promotes comprehensive community involvement, responsible land stewardship and self-sufficiency through the people as a whole. 

Comprised of a 7 member Board of Directors, 360grassroots partners with individuals who each have rich and diverse backgrounds of experience, including:

  • real estate
  • architecture
  • business
  • ministry
  • entrepreneurship

...diverse but all like-minded in their faith principles.


After working with nonprofits and municipalities to create plans for their economic revitalization, the Hawks determined that they wanted to focus on developing resilient, sustainable projects that honored the past while recognizing that the challenges of the future could be met and managed. They envisioned a future of social good as they worked to help small towns become revitalized by using existing structures to create the modern Main Street where community and business intersect– where everything produces both social value and commercial revenue.

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