Bill Houston

Mayor, City of Midlothian

“The Farmstead will not only be a venue for wholesome activities for our families, but the development will also create opportunities for local jobs, keeping Midlothian residents within their community. This means residents of Midlothian will be earning and spending their time and money in their own neighborhood – thus, giving back to the community.”

Kevin Lasher

Former Director of Planning, City of Midlothian

“This project will bring historic context to Midlothian that will anchor this community for the next 100 years. We look forward to seeing this historically-themed development progress and are glad to support 360grassroots in saving portions of the Anderson Farmstead.”

T.J. Henley

Member, Midlothian City Council

 “The Farmstead is all about celebrating our heritage and our history. I’m really pleased to see that we are addressing a new “gateway” into Midlothian from the North, encouraging people to get off the highway and see what Midlothian has to offer.  Especially key, is the connection of Farmstead shopping and restaurants to the downtown, supporting our current local businesses.”

Chris Dick

City Manager, City of Midlothian

“The Farmstead will provide a new “gateway” into Midlothian from the North, driving traffic off of the highway by giving people a reason to spend some time here. Combined with the shopping and restaurants located in downtown Midlothian, the combined lure of these two attractions will greatly benefit residents in the city of Midlothian.”